Don't Give Up, and Please Don't Give Up on Me.

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queer brown ladybot who runs on friendship and cuddles.

Graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Digital Media major

Indie Game Developer and Comic Artist

Tea and Fembot Enthusiast (robot tea parties are what I host!!)

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  • Arcee: hey, I just met you
  • Arcee: and this is crazy
  • Arcee: but I come from a far away planet that's inhabited by autonomous robotic organism, and our planet's snuffed out from all out war, which has lasted for eons and there's only five survivors, and since you're a native of this planet and you already saw me, we need to protect you so you won't get hunted down and killed by our enemies
  • Arcee: so come with me maybe...?
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