Vanity is my Vice

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queer brown ladybot who runs on friendship and cuddles.

sometimes believes she's a deity.

Senior @ Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles | Digital Media: 3D Modeling and User Interface for games | Geeky Polyamorous Pansexual Robot | Tea Enthusiast | Fembot Enthusiast | Amateur comic artist

WARNING: I definitely reblog robot porn. Since I love Transformers. Y'know how it is. ...Maybe not, but oh well~

robohaven’s fetish is murder.



Josie’s fetish is giggling/laughter.

oh okay. This one sorta makes sense

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    Brandon’s fetish is knives. so … that’s…not entirely untrue…i mean i really like knives but i’m not sure i find them...
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    [Mod]: Ah… well then…
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    it said mine was teeth. omg.
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    daeva’s fetish is soft skin~ so smoooth.
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    body pillows. Charlene’s...loli-con. …dafuq
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    Nia’s fetish is jazz music dingdingdingding
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    janaya’s fetish is fire how.did.they.know?
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    ren’s fetish is boobs, renee’s fetish is BOOKS. ALL of the books… this is pretty much accurate.
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    Vincent’s fetish is foul language Okay I wouldn’t say that’s a secret
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    My fetishes aren’t a secret. This is Tumblr!
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    injinglesonly’s fetish is nothing. They are perfectly happy with a 100% platonic relationship. This lie, rn.
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    maddon’s fetish is people who could pose a challenge in a battle of wits (or fists).
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    body piercings and tattoos lauGHS
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    Liz’s fetish is dubcon.
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    people who could pose a challenge in a battle of wits (or fists) …uh
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    Vanity’s fetish is nothing, they are perfectly happy in a 100% platonic relationship. this is sort of right, but i’d...
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    teeth….. k
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    People who play hard to get -shakes head-
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    Karina’s fetish is fictional characters… quite a few, actually. Oh…OH..
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    Donovan’s is tooth brushing …….
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    Dungeons and Dragons…. and other nerdy things no
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    Business suits…..
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    Chelsea’s fetish is Villains teehee
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    “Anony’s fetish is forbidden love.” um
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    Cassie’s fetish is deep, manly voices. I-
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    Jessica’s fetish is threesomes. Oh my… oh my gOD
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    Jade’s fetish is villains. ..true to a certain point e3e
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    Mine is bondage…. I AM NOT SORRY
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    I’ma do the PH characters Oz’s fetish is schoolgirl outfits. Alice’s fetish is having insects crawl all over them....
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    Tesla’s fetish is tickling….
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    Asia’s fetish is inflicting pain on others … Wohohoho~
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    Perry Calborne’s fetish is spaghetti. Terry Calborne’s fetish is bubbles. ((pfft))
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    “Gerry Groves fetish is boobs.” What can I say? I’m a man with simple tastes.
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    dressing. Obsy’s...colatechi’s fetish is making furniture/crafts out of people (it’s weird...
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    Maddys secret fetish is cross dressing.Obsy’s secret fetish is weight gain, either themselves or their partner.Fat...
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    ((AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. IT’S WATCHING HIM KANA. WATCHING HIS EVERY MOVE. Also, “Ichigo’s fetish is scars”. I am not surprised...
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