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queer brown ladybot who runs on friendship and cuddles.

Graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Digital Media major

Indie Game Developer and Comic Artist

Tea and Fembot Enthusiast (robot tea parties are what I host!!)

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help me I am descending into plastic crack madness

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when you receive a sweet anon out of nowhere and you’re like


I love this because you can’t tell who’s the anon and who’s the receiver.

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choosing a gender in an rpg more like do i wanna be a girl or do i wanna romance girls

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when you cook the thing good

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your aesthetic is Killer Cutie.
robohaven robohaven Said:

*O* oh mygdo

d-dear anon friend do you know what you’re implying?

that you know too much.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Roses and Robot Princesscore
robohaven robohaven Said:


dude that’s it.

that’s the thing.

I can’t believe you managed to do sum it up perfectly.

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Ancient Artist’s Proverb

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